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Exam Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Step 1: Request Academic Accommodations from OSD

  • When students request accommodations to standard policy and/or procedure in UC San Diego academic departments due to a disability, eligibility is determined by the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), in conjunction with the technical standards and learning outcomes of the academic major, department and college.
  • Please refer to the OSD website for further information on requesting academic accommodations:

Step 2: Confirm Receipt of AFA Letter With OSD Liaison and Instructor

  • It is essential that students present their current quarter AFA letter to both the course instructor and the Economics Department OSD Liaison at the beginning of the quarter, or as soon as the letter is issued.
  • Students are authorized to receive accommodations only as listed on the current AFA letter on file. AFA letters are only valid for a specific term and must be renewed each quarter.

Step 3: Check on the Triton Testing Center website to sign up for your midterms and finals

  • Most exams, unless otherwise arranged with the instructor or TA, will be administered by the Triton Testing Center or Senior TA.
  • Signing up sooner rather than later can ensure that you are able to get a seat with the TTC.
  • Students must sign up with the TTC at least 72 hours in advance of your exam date.
  • Reach out to the OSD Liaison if you have any questions regarding testing at the TTC.

Step 4: Let the OSD Liaison know if you are unable to sign up for your exam at the TTC

  • Students must request exam accommodations through the department at least 72 hours prior to the exam.
  • Requests made within the 72 hour period prior to an exam are not guaranteed to be granted due to proctor availability.
  • As a courtesy, students are asked to inform their instructors of exam arrangements that have been made with the Department Liaison or Triton Testing Center.

Step 5: Exam Administration

  • Students should confirm where they are testing in their confirmation emails prior to the exam date.
  • Students should check in with the proctor a few minutes prior to the start time of their scheduled exam.
  • Students are responsible for abiding by the UCSD rules of academic integrity.
  • There may be more than one student utilizing the exam room at the same time, as authorized by the Department Liaison.
  • There may be exam-related interruptions by instructors, TAs, or the Department Liaison during the exam.
  • The Economics Department is a busy area and the Department Liaison cannot necessarily guarantee a silent testing area. Students may bring standard earplugs (non-electronic) to any exam.
  • Any grievances about the testing process should be brought to the OSD Liaison's attention as soon as the exam time has finished.

For questions about exam accommodations and administration, please contact: 
Economics Department Undergraduate Affairs Office 
Social Sciences Research Building (SSRB) 159