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Student Organizations

Check out how you can get involved at UC San Diego at the Center for Student Involvement. You can also view a list of campus pre-professional student organizations, and view information below about some highlighted programs.

Student Orgs, including those not listed here, hosting events or activities related to the Department of Economics and its students can apply for sponsorship funding to help with event expenses.

Undergraduate Economics Society

Angela Chen

The Undergraduate Economics Society is the official student organization for all campus Department of Economics undergraduate students that offers:

  • A strong network among faculty and all undergraduate Economics students
  • Preparation to embark successfully on a career in the business world and/or graduate schools through various events and workshops
  • Opportunity to network with alumni, corporate representatives, and graduate school representatives

The Society's advisor is Department of Economics Professor Melissa Famulari

UPEG-Undergraduate to PhD Economics Group

UPEG is an organization aimed at bridging the information gap for undergraduates interested in pursuing a PHD in Economics. We foster an inclusive environment to bring PhD curious students together and create resources for an easier path to competitive graduate school applications. You can find us at UPEG-Socials & Joining Information.

Chinese Business Society

The Chinese Business Society is a student organization that provides professional development services and empowers both Chinese students and campus-wide students who seeks to pursue business-related careers, offering:

  • Competitions in business-fields that develop students’ practical skill sets
  • International Career Fair 
  • Workshops that offer insights to future career paths
  • Networking opportunities with peers and professionals
  • Activities that support the Chinese student community

Triton Consulting Group

Triton Consulting Group is an on-campus consulting organization composed of motivated students from a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds. Our organization is open to all majors and disciplines and values “strength in diversity”. Through our analyst program, TCG serves to educate, train, and expose students to real-world business problems and give them the acumen needed to find solutions. By teaching professionalism, basic to advanced business frameworks, and hands-on experience with firms and startups, we prepare UCSD students for their careers post-graduation.

Some industries we work with on our consulting projects:

  • Retail, Beauty, Tech, Health, Non-profits

Project work includes:

  • Go-To-Market strategies, conducting market research, competitive analysis, analyzing customer segments in client’s target market.

  • Developing a startup business model while also maximizing scalability of operations.

  • Financial, social media, and customer relationships management strategies.

  • Data Analysis and business forecasting

TCG also has strong connections with alumni across various industries. Our alumni consistently give back to the organization by providing internship information, general career search help, and much more. If you have any additional questions about Triton Consulting Group please visit our website at or email us at

UCSD Women In Business

UCSD Women In Business aims to empower women of all backgrounds to become leaders in today's ever-changing world. We hope to encourage both professional and personal growth by providing the support needed for women to overcome the challenges they face.

WIB offers:

  • Business education through GBMs that give exposure to industry leaders who come to share their stories and experiences.
  • Mentorship from executive officers who will personally help you discover and pursue a career best aligned with your passions.
  • Hands-on experience to gain tangible and relevant skills through professional development programs and committees.
  • Community service events to give back to the community, empower others, make positive changes, and discover the joy of helping others.
  • Social events to develop strong relationships.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is America's Foremost Professional Fraternity for Men and Women Pursuing Careers in Business and offers:

  • Workshops to build professional skills and activities to gain professional experience
  • Opportunities to connect with top companies (Deloitte, Amazon, KPMG, Microsoft, etc.,)
  • An alumni network of successful men and women eager to contribute knowledge and contacts in various fields
  • Membership in an organization of business-minded individuals that maintain commitment, professionalism, and integrity in their endeavors

Center for Student Involvement: Communication & Leadership


Center for Student Involvement: Communication & Leadership is a campus-wide Student Affairs program, tailored to students' individual interests and strengths, that offers:

  • Free, non-credit training in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and leadership skills
  • Practical skill set to highlight on your resume
  • Certificate of program completion

Financial Management Association

The Financial Management Association chapter at UC San Diego focuses on creating career connections and offers:

  • Development of a continuing relationship between finance practitioners and academicians
  • Transfer of ideas, techniques, and advances in the field of finance between universities, business, and other institutions
  • Learning about professional opportunities outside of classroom instruction
  • Interaction with speakers from different finance professions
  • Gaining professional help with your resume in the Resume Workshop
  • Participation in special events and fund-raisers

Undergraduate Investment Society

The Undergraduate Investment Society is open to all undergraduate majors and seeks to empower the campus community through financial literacy by offering:

  • Opportunities to network with industry professionals
  • Accessibility to leadership opportunities
  • Personal financial management guidance
  • Discussion of the fields of money and finance
  • Participation in online stock competition, workshops, and member socials


WAMIE- Women and Minorities in Economics

A persistent issue in economics has been the low representation of women and minorities in the profession. WAMIE (Women and Minorities in Economics) is dedicated to supporting all UC San Diego undergraduates, with a particular focus on the issues facing women and other underrepresented groups. We strive to create a supportive community where challenges are discussed, and innovative solutions are created. By giving students a closer connection to faculty, alumni, guest speakers, and researchers, and by making students aware of numerous opportunities in the department and in the profession, we hope to better equip students with the tools they need to succeed at UC San Diego and beyond. We welcome all students as part of this organization, and believe that our mission is enriched by considering diverse perspectives.

Triton Actuarial Society

Triton Actuarial Society seeks to create a community and to empower students that are interested in pursuing the actuarial profession by providing them with different resources such as workshops, study sessions, and campus visits by professional actuaries.



The Investor's Club

The mission for The Investor's Club is to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn how to invest. The Investor’s Club at UC San Diego offers:

  • Discussions on various investment strategies such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and cryptocurrency.
  • Help for our members to make more informed financial decisions.
  • Career guidance to teach members the skills and technical knowledge required to land a job in finance.

Interested students are able to join The Investor's Club year-round. There are no selection restrictions or interview processes.

Instagram: @investorsclubatucsd


Sustainable Investment Group

Sustainable Investment Group teaches undergraduates from UC San Diego how to research public equities to determine if they are sustainable for the planet, and financially profitable. Each quarter we end with a stock pitch competition to receive feedback from industry professionals about the research we have done. 

SIG offers:

  • Weekly meetings where you could specialize in Equity Research, Quantitative Analysis, Sustainability, or Marketing and Outreach
  • Mentorship from our Professional Development team that creates curriculum to better support members searching for jobs, preparing for interviews, and getting ready for beginning full time jobs/internships.
  • Connections with professional organizations in San Diego such as the CFA Society of San Diego
  • Social events to develop strong relationships between club members.

Instagram: @ucsdsig